Meet Marshall

One of our very own CGY students, Marshall, has kindly agreed to take on the task of maintaining our outdoor property here at CGCC for the summer. If you don’t know Marshall, this is him here:

Marshall in Muskoka with the youth at Snocamp

He is a 15 year old student that we first met at a summer bbq we hosted at the church 2 years ago. He jumped at the chance to help us put tables away and that following fall he began coming out to CGY. He’s always eager to help and we knew he would be the perfect fit to serve in this role.

This past Sunday, Marshall came by the church to start getting our property back to it’s pre-covid glory.

The day started by him getting the lawnmower out of the shed:

Marshall getting the lawnmower out of the shed

As you can see, that took a little longer than expected. After a major renovation in our community room, much of the leftover materiel got left in the shed over the winter.

After getting the mower out, Marshall was on the move only to run into another hiccup. Unfortunately, after getting half the property done the mower didn’t want to work properly for him or his friend Catherine, who he had brought along for company.

They decided to pack it in for the day but instead of heading home, he and Catherine tackled a major undertaking… they reorganized the shed!

Shed “after” shot

Wow!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work you two, this is absolutely amazing!

If you’re driving by and see Marshall and Catherine out working, don’t forget to honk and wave… or even better, stop in and introduce yourself.

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