I’m New Here

Going to a new church can be pretty overwhelming; not knowing many people, being unsure about how to dress, doubting whether you’ll be accepted by others.

A lot of us have been there before, and we get it. God doesn’t expect you to come to Him with everything figured out – and neither do we!

So, if you’re coming to visit us for the first time, relax! Our Sunday services are friendly, casual, and open to everyone. Please let us know it’s your first time visiting us. We would love to get connected.

What Time is Church?

Our Sunday services start at 10:30am and end at Noon

We have coffee and snacks and a time to hang out in the church space after service, so you’re welcome to stay and make new friends.

Where is CGCC?

Chelsea Green Community Church is located at 123 Chesterfield Avenue. We are serviced by route 01, with a bus stop just steps away from our front door.