CGCC Re-Opening

Registration Opens 8am Saturday, June 27th and closes 8am Sunday, June 28th

We are so excited to be able to open our doors and worship in person! The Ontario government has allowed us to meet at 30% capacity which means that for CGCC we can have 42 people attend Sunday morning services.

We will be opening up 35 spots to register and leaving 7 spots available for walk-ins.

Please register your family so that we can arrange the appropriate number of tables/chairs. Registration will open at 8am Saturday, June 27th and close 8am Sunday, June 28th.

When registering, if you currently are in our database system, please log in. Only proceed as a guest if you are truly a guest.

We understand that some people will still feel uncomfortable joining in person. We respect your decision and at the same time want to make sure we are open and available to those ready to meet in person.

If you are planning to come, we want to make sure that you are aware of all of the measures that have been taken to ensure safety.

What to expect Sunday Morning:

  1. When you arrive on Sunday morning we will have a sign posted on our doors listing all Covid 19 symptoms. Please refer to this list prior to entering and if you are experiencing any symptoms we ask that you delay your visit with us.
  2. Directly inside the door we have a sanitizer station and ask that you please sanitize upon entering. Two other stations have been set up, one is on the wall between the washrooms and coat racks and the other is at the back of the auditorium near the double doors.
  3. We will also have disposable masks available to you and your family on a table at the front entrance. Masks are not mandatory to enter, they are an option that is available to you.
  4. Once inside the building please make your way to your seat and maintain social distancing.
  5. Washrooms – if the washrooms are occupied please wait behind the yellow tape in the community room.
  6. Singing – in our guidelines from the Middlesex Health Unit they strongly discourage singing during worship.
  7. Offering – we will not be passing around offering plates, we will have a locked box at the back of the auditorium.
  8. Children – There will be a short children’s ministry moment that will include the Bible Story for the week prior to Pastor Peter’s sermon. The handouts for the week will be available with pencil crayons for the children to work on. Please feel free to bring along any other activities that you think your child would enjoy – eg colouring books, puzzles, books.
  9. At the end of service we ask that you exit the building while maintaining social distancing. We will not be serving coffee or snacks. Immediately following service we will open the two auditorium doors for exit as well as the main entrance. Feel free to stay and connect with each other in the parking lot.

If you have any questions please email

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  1. I’m hoping to be there depending on how I’m feeling. Hope I don’t stop someone else from registering with my unkown!!

  2. In hoping to be there, depending on how I’m feeling. Hope I’m not blocking someone else with my unknown decision.

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