Farewell to the YMCA

The End of an Era…The Beginning of a New Chapter

As many of you well know, we have had the privilege of having the YMCA LINC program as tenants in our church building since we opened our doors two years ago. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to serve, build relationships with, and love on many of their students and staff at our conversation cafe and day to day.

Sadly, their time in our building is coming to an end.

Due to government budget cuts that support their program, the Chelsea Green site, along with a few others in the city, will all be amalgamated into one larger site at the north end of the city at the end of the school year. We will miss them dearly.

However, this also marks the beginning of a new chapter for our church! See, for the past two years of sharing our space with the YMCA, the upstairs classrooms have never really felt like our own. We wanted to make our wonderful guests as comfortable as possible while they were renting from us, so we avoided putting up artwork, there was no room to put our own furniture or toys upstairs.

And so, with this move, it gives us an incredible opportunity to create – from scratch – an entirely new space for our student ministries: from the nursery to a brand new youth room!

So, while it is a bit sad that we have to say farewell to the YMCA, God has also blessed us with a chance to start something fresh, from the ground up. I’m very excited, as is our Youth Director, Meagan Paterson.

In the coming months ahead, we will be engaging with you to hear your ideas and visions for this space. We look forward to working with you to create a safe and healthy place for our children and youth to learn about Jesus and to build relationships in our church.

God Bless!

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