The Suffering of Job

With what we are experiencing in the world around us, there are many people that we know and love who are experiencing suffering and struggles in ways they’ve never experienced before.

Some are suffering the feelings of isolation, some children are missing friends and family and a regular routine, some parents are struggling to figure out what September will look like for their family. Sadly, some people’s relationships are suffering depending on where they fall on the thoughts of wearing a mask. (I wish I were kidding about that last point.)

All this to say, that although suffering has been around since the fall, people that don’t normally experience it are feeling it. Add in those that are suffering through failed marriages, chemo treatments, loss and all the other struggles that didn’t stop just because of Covid… and we have a community of suffering people.

So what can we learn from our suffering?

What can we learn about who God is from the story of Job?

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All handouts for the unit can be accessed through the links below. If you join us in person these will be available on your family table along with crayons and markers feel free to bring along any other quiet activities that your children would enjoy.

Toddlers to Grade 1:

Grade 2+:

Optional Activity:

Cards of Encouragment:

Do you know someone who could use some encouragement? Why not send them a card, note, text or email to help encourage them through their current situation?

When a person is suffering it can be hard for that person to believe the truth about God. We saw that Job learned that God is good, even in suffering. We can encourage people who are suffering and pray that God would bring them comfort and peace.

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